Cambridge O Level Combines Science in Singapore

The Combined Science syllabus in Cambridge O Level evolves learners’ fundamental scientific skills in Chemistry, physics and biology. It builds up practical knowledge and comprehension of fundamental scientific principles and concepts, along with the capability to deal with information and problem solving. There isn’t any practical exam however students will acquire experience of the study and use of science throughout experimental work in school.

Students taking combined science subjects

For Combined Sciences, pupils have to take Paper 1, Paper 5 and two of Papers 2, 3 and 4, based on which combined science combination they take.

Paper 1 will include Forty MCQ with roughly a similar weightage for each of the science. In terms of Paper 2/3/4, you will find 2 sections too. Section A will have Forty five marks and all of the questions listed here are required. Section B comes with Twenty marks in total with a choice of choosing Two from Three questions of equal weightage to answer.

For Paper 5, it’ll have Thirty marks and contain 1 or 2 compulsory questions on each of the 2 Sciences. If you want to score well in this subject, the best is to engage a home tutor fromĀ to guide you through.

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